Electrical Certificate Requirements

According to the occupational Health and Safety act, every property where electricity is being used must obtain an electrical certificate. Electrical certificates are a sort of declarations, which declare the electrical installation in this particular property is being carried out, as per the mentioned standards of Occupational Health and Safety Act.

These regulations also establish that whenever a new installation or additional installation will be carried out, a new electrical certificate would be required for that. These electrical certificates can only be issued by registered electricians who fall under one of these categories – Electrical tester, Installation electrician, or Master electrician.

Requirements for electrical certificate

  • An electrical certificate is issued for a property, where its electrical installation provides protection against Over current, Shock Current, fault current, under voltage, electrical arcs and excessive temperatures.
  • An independent electrical certificate requires the legal validity of the electrical installations of a premise. Only after checking that the electrical installation satisfies this requirement, this certificate of compliance can be issued.
  • To obtain an electrical certificate, the owner of the property is required to get the property inspected by an authorized and certified electrician, before connecting the new installations to a source of electricity.
  • In order to obtain an electrical certificate for your property, you are required to get all the installations done as per the electrical standards highlighted by the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.
  • One of the mandatory requirements for obtaining the electrical certificate for a property is that it, you are required to use only the standard electrical equipment and legal electrical installations.
  • Another requirement for obtaining the electrical certificate is that, you property must get all the electrical installations using the wires & cables which are legal as per the wiring rules mentioned in the Electrical Safety Regulations.
  • The electrical certificate can only be acquired only after, a test report is developed which mentions all the details of all the electrical equipment tested in the property. This detailed information in the test report is submitted as one the mandatory requirements for electrical certificate.

Key points related with electrical certificate

  • For a three phased installation, the electrical certificate of compliance cannot be issued by an Electrical tester.
  • An Installation electrician can only issue electrical certificates for single phase installation.
  • No one except master electrician can issue an electrical certificate for a hazardous location or property.
  • The electrical certificate should be in the format specified by Electrical Installation regulations, 2009.

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