EKG Technician Education and Job Requirements

EKG Technician Requirements

EKG is known as electrocardiography and EKG technicians are called electrocardiography technicians. They are mostly responsible for measuring the electric activity in a patient’s heart. These activities are performed to determine the amount of oxygen that a person needs while performing very strenuous kinds of jobs. This job is a core health care job that requires a person to have specialized on the job training by a trained medical professional. Most of the openings for an EKG professional are available in the hospitals and nursing homes.

EKG Technician Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should have a high school degree
  • Candidate should have an associate degree in Electrocardiography and a license to perform such tests.
  • Candidates should have sufficient on the job training before commencing his work
  • Candidates with previous experience will always be given special preference

EKG Technician Job Requirements

  • Applicant should be in a good physical state, because he might be required to stand, kneel or pick up heavy load during the course of his work
  • Applicant should be willing to work at odd hours
  • Applicant should have an eye for details, which is very important for this job.
  • Applicant should have the ability to effectively communicate with types of people across different demographics and establish friendly and co-operative relationship with them.

The job of the EKG technician may not be of very high profile, but requires a very responsible attitude, because he will be entrusted with the life of a patient.

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