Economist Education Requirements

Being an Economist can affect so many people at the same point of time- just like when Alan Greenspan makes a speech about the economy, he grabs all the attention. An economist is a person who analyses economic data for companies and government and interprets the market trends and create economic forecasts from the trends to stop the downfall or increase the finance of the company. Economists are appointed by a variety of entities, like government, banks, investment house, news channels, business corporations and non trading companies.

 Economist Education Career education requirements

  • One has to obtain a bachelor’s degree in economics along with good knowledge in math and statistics. He should be perfect in writing economic reports, doing surveys, and using economic software.
  • Doing a graduation is not enough to be an economist. One has to do their masters and PH.D in economics to be a proficient economist.
  • An aspiring economist needs to have strong computer and technology skills, because almost all the analysis is done using computer applications. An economist should be always updated about the economy. 

Economist degrees and courses:

  • Bachelors Degree in accountancy
  • Bachelors degree in business administration
  • A bachelor’s degree in Economics for entry level economist
  • Master of arts with Majors in Economics
  • A doctorate of philosophy (PhD in Economics) 

Economist qualifications and training:

Candidates who aspire to be an economist should enroll in a school which is known for its economics programming, in the fields which you to choose to opt for. Various colleges and universities hold special classes for economics. Graduating with an economics honors degree and then complete master’s in it is adequate preparation for a career as an economist. 

Top colleges/ universities:

Economist job opportunities, salary/pay:

The job opportunities for an economist are very good. Candidates with specialized degree courses get a higher placement in their field. The private sector offers better chances of employment to economists. Those economists who hold a doctoral degree can be employed to teach at a university or college. The average annual salary of an economist is $80,000.

An economist should keep an up to date account of recent advancements and researches taking place in an economy. It is a great career option for those interested in money and market. The salary also varies depending upon the job profile and the type of organization in which an individual works for.

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