Eco Consultant Education Requirements

These days, many businesses and companies are on a mission to reduce carbon footprints from their manufacturing products. That is why they hire eco consultants who are equipped with the knowledge and experiences of sustaining an eco friendly environment around the industrial zone. These consultants do require extensive education on specific subjects for understanding various issues associated with environment and delivering green consultancies accordingly.

Moreover, an eco consultant must have trainings and work experiences for demonstrating the knowledge of common environment practices, latest trends and products and communicate their benefits to the concern authority in details.

Eco Consultant Education Requirements

  • A graduation degree in environmental science or studies with good qualifying marks is highly required. Candidates from the field of technology with specialized subjects as environment is also preferable as they are expected to contribute their technical know-how while providing consultancy.
  • Post graduation degree with Major as Environmental Science or in related subject is also highly preferable.
  • For preparing oneself in wide variety of disciplines associated with environmental science, internships are quite useful in gaining on job experiences. This makes an individual compatible of handling various kinds of issues and finding out eco friendly solutions accordingly.

Eco Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The eco consultants must possess the following certifications and degrees for acquiring such a position effectively.

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science, Marine Science or Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor of Technology or Engineering with Major subject Environmental Engineering or Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering
  • Masters of technology or Engineering or Science in Environment related subjects as major.
  • Certification of Environmental Research On Industries

Eco Consultant Qualification and Trainings

To have added qualification, a candidate must acquire post graduation degrees on relevant field for handling various problems related to environment. Training on Water and sewage treatment, Industries dealing with environmental pollutants or pollution control units would help a candidate to have on hand experiences so that they could deliver proficient consultancies.

Eco Consultant Colleges and Universities

Eco Consultant Wages and Salary

Eco consultants are generally highly qualified people with extensive knowledge on the field and therefore they get handsome salaries. However, the range of salary generally varies from $50,000 – $65000 per annum.

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