Early Childhood Education Degree Requirements

An early childhood education degree is obtained by individuals who wish to work with children aged till eight, in schools, day care centers, or crèches. Such a degree can imply both graduation and post graduation degrees depending on the nature of the students handled by the individual. For example, professionals wishing to educate and train differentially-abled kids, or those with learning disabilities, must pursue a post graduate degree, whereas professionals who desire to work with children who do not have these impairments, can rest with a Bachelor’s degree. Such a degree can be obtained at the end of a long period of organized formal education. The attainment of this degree involves also the participation in training sessions, internships, practice teaching courses and so on.

What are the educational requirements for early childhood education degree?

  • A person interested in this field must complete his high school with the requisite marks or obtain the equivalent GED.
  • An individual must complete basic schooling in the sciences since a Bachelor’s degree in Education, especially Early Childhood Education, requires some amount of knowledge in child psychology and the biological sciences.
  • This must be followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Education, which usually lays emphasis on subjects like child nutrition, child health, child psychology, parental relationships, and socialization of the child, basic Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory and so on.
  • Master’s degree is optional in this field and candidates who wish to instruct and train children with severe learning disabilities, Autism, Down’s syndrome and other congenital deficiencies are usually compelled to complete a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • Practice teaching and short courses on practical training are extremely important requirements for the obtaining of a degree in this field. The last semester of the last year of degree course is usually reserved for student teaching, where the aspirant teacher prepares a lesson plan and then implements it in a class.

What subjects are usually studied for an Early Childhood Education degree?

  • Child health
  • Child psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Elementary school systems
  • Emotional and psychological disorders
  • Communications
  • Autism spectrum disorder

How does practice teaching help in the attainment of Early Childhood Education degree?

Most colleges ensure that students get a semester of practice teaching. This allows them to interact with students on a first hand basis, and the feedback from children help in determining their grades. They are expected to teach in a variety of school types like public and private, urban ad semi urban.

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