EAP Certificate Requirements

Employee assistance program or EAP is a certification which is given to those certain number of people who have satisfied the various requirements put forth by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission EACC). This program certification known as CEAP (Certified employee assistance professional) is useful for providing support and counselling to the employees on a huge scale of workplaces and with problems that may be affecting them on personal level. A CEAP also is employed by organisations to provide consulting as well as training in certain cases.

Employee assistance program may help people to obtain the CEAP tag or certification. The following are a few ways to obtain the EAP certificate which is divided on the basis of the individual’s educational background.

Individuals who have a graduate degree in non-related subjects:

A person or candidate who is interested in obtaining the EAP certification but has completed his/her graduation program in a field or subject which is non-related or not linked to the employee assistance program must necessarily work in an employee assistance profession for atleast 1000 hours. This must be in addition to the fact that such a profession must be paid that is the candidate must have earned by working in such an employee assistance program. Plus any such candidate with a non-related graduation field must also have a minimum of 60 professional development hours to his/her credit.

Individuals who have a graduate degree in a related subject or field:

Any candidate or individual with a graduate degree in a subject which is directly linked or related to the employee assistance program may also need 1000 hours of working in employee assistance profession which earns him/her a certain amount of salary. But in this case, the candidate only needs to fulfil criteria of completing 20 professional development hours in order to qualify for the EAP certification.

Advisement requirement to obtain the EAP certification:

A candidate with a related or non related graduation degree must fulfil another criteria or requirement in order to be eligible for the EAP certification. This requirement is related to advisement time which means the number of hours for which the individual has worked formally with/for a current certified employee assistance professional or CEAP. The total number of hours of advisement time needed is 12 hours for a person to get the EAP certification.

Having fulfilled all these requirements and having met these established standards, a candidate can be eligible for the EAP certification.

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