Drilling Engineer Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Drilling Engineer Trainee Requirements

A drilling engineer trainee is a professional who gets involved in the planning and execution stage in the drilling process of oil, petroleum, minerals, etc. A drilling engineer trainee is needed to supervise the activities while carrying on the process of drilling and compensate the workers in the drilling sites. A drilling engineer trainee develops understanding of various controls and processes in a drilling refinery and nurtures his expertise and people management skills. The work conditions of a drilling engineer trainee can be harsh. Candidates who want to become a drilling engineer trainee should pursue courses in refinery, should be able to work under pressure, should be able to achieve deadlines, and deliver the product of appropriate quality within the scheduled time frame.  The educational requirements and job requirements of a drilling engineer trainee are given below.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who aspire to become a drilling engineer trainee should take up courses in refining, drilling techniques that can be learnt during engineering or while pursuing master degree courses.
  • Candidates should also have good people management skills and should be able to work under tremendous work pressure and in harsh environments.
  • Candidates should learn all the safety procedures that are to be followed while undertaking the drilling process.

Job Requirements:

  • A drilling engineer trainee is responsible for preparing the costing of the drilling activity and planning the resources accordingly.
  • A drilling engineer should track the project and check whether everything is happening as per plan.
  • He or she should coordinate with project managers and refining managers while undertaking the designing process.
  • The drilling engineer should follow all safety procedures and environmental guidelines pertaining to the refining project.

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