Dolphin Training Education

A dolphin trainer is a professional who specializes in giving trainings to dolphins and makes them perform adventure activities to attract people. The education for these candidates must start with basic degrees and diplomas in animal science and biology. After completing the basic education, these candidates can attend courses to learn dolphin training techniques and methodologies. The training for marine animals is quite different from training terrestrial animals like dogs and horses. Hence the education for these candidates must focus on all the aspects of their job responsibilities and should prepare them accordingly.

The education programs for dolphin trainers must focus on educating candidates the positive reinforcement system for training marine animals. These education programs should also emphasize on providing knowledge about maintaining and enhancing the well-being and health of the dolphins, along with the ways to train them. The education on dolphin training must also focus on imparting adequate knowledge about veterinary science of dolphins, so that these prospective trainers can also monitor the health status of dolphins, and can provide them medical help whenever required.

Dolphin Training Education Requirements:

  • A dolphin trainer must have passed high school diploma preferably with science subjects.
  • These candidates can then add up bachelor’s degrees or associates degrees in animal science related courses, to their academic profile.
  • These candidates must possess in depth knowledge about marine life and characteristics of marine animals.

Dolphin Training Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To become a professional dolphin trainer a candidate must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s or associates degrees in animal science, biology, zoology, marine biology etc.
  • Short-term courses in animal nutrition, water chemistry, marine ecology, animal training and management etc can also be considered.

Dolphin Training Education Qualification and Training:

It is quite understandable, that training any animal like dolphin, is a difficult and time consuming process. Trainers have to understand the animals through their gestures and behavior only. Hence, to get trained in this, they need to undergo practical hands-on training programs which allow them to spend time with animals and understand their psychology. Understanding the psychology of any animal is very significant for training it properly.

These candidates must possess creativity, must be sensitive and patient.

Dolphin Training Education Colleges and Universities:

Dolphin Training Education Wages and Salaries:

A dolphin trainer is offered employment in water parks, tourist destinations and amusement parks. They are offered an average salary of $20,000 – $35,000 on annual basis.

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