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A dog trainer is a professional who is responsible for training dogs in order to make them behave in a certain way, or to follow the given commands. These trainers are in high demand, as dogs are required for security, protection, police, dog shows, and dog races and also to assist the people with physical disabilities. To become a dog trainer, licenses or certifications are desirable but  not mandatory, but good practical experience in the field with dogs, education in dog training and professional qualities are the requisite skills that a dog trainer must possess.

The education programs in dog training must focus on educating candidates with all the aspects of dogs behavior, psychology, and their nutritional requirements. Although there are no formal education programs focusing on dog training, but candidates can certainly go for short term diploma level courses to learn skills and qualities required for training dogs.

Dog trainer Education Requirements:

  • Any candidate who wants to become a dog trainer must have passed the high school or any equivalent course.
  • These candidates can opt for degree level education related with animal science based courses.
  • These candidates must love animals, and should be able to behave gently with dogs because a dog can only be trained by a person, whom the dog is fond of.

Dog trainer Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To become a dog trainer, an individual must possess following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in animal science, biology, zoology, marine biology etc
  • Short –term diploma or certificate level courses in dog training.
  • These candidates can also consider certifications in the field to become certified dog trainer. However, it is not mandatory, but it enhances the candidates profile as a dog trainer.
  • These candidates must also obtain necessary required licenses, if any, to practice their job as dog trainer.

Dog trainer Education Qualification and Training:

To become a successful dog trainer, one must get practical exposure with dogs in the field. Dog can be very difficult to train, until it starts liking you. Hence it is very important for a dig trainer to first learn to establish a rapport with the dog to be trained before going any further into training the animal.

These candidates must possess qualities like patience, sensitivity and must be able to take good care of animals.

Dog trainer Education Colleges and Universities:

Dog trainer Education Wages and Salaries:

A dog trainer can earn up to $20,000 – $40,000 on annual basis.

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