Doctor College Requirements

Doctor college requirements are the pre requisites that a candidate must satisfy in order to get admission in a medical or Doctor College. Doctor studies are considered to be quite comprehensive and complex, as one need to develop critical skills which he /she can utilize to save lives of people.

Hence doctor colleges always prefer to give admission to well-deserved and promising candidates. The requisites for the admission in the doctor’s college are specially designed in such a way that it can help officials to recognize the candidates who can do well in the medical field.

Requirements for the doctor college:

A candidate must satisfy the following criteria for admission in a doctor college.


  • A candidate looking forward for admission in a doctor’s college must start preparing for it from the high school. Candidates are required to pass their high school with excellent marks and with biology & chemistry as one of the major subjects.
  • Then they are required to obtain two years undergraduate level training program with the medical science related subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, zoology, science etc.
  • Upon successful completion for undergraduate level degree program, the candidates are required to apply for and take an entrance examination for the admission into the doctor college. The exam required to be taken by the medical aspirants is Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The candidates are required to clear the exam with good score that is more than the cut off admission score in order to join a doctor college to pursue their medical studies.
  • The candidates looking forward for admission in Doctor College must possess good knowledge of human anatomy and must have interest in zoology and biology.


The mandatory requisite to enter a doctor college as student is to clear the MCAT examination. This examination which is a comprehensive objective examination, designed to test the skills and knowledge of a candidate on certain grounds. The examination covers the questions from four different subject areas to test the overall efficiency of the candidate. The subjects from whom questions in the MCAT examination are asked are: Verbal Reasoning, Biological science, Physical Sciences, and written communication skills.

The exam is spread over a duration of 5 ½ hours, where this duration is segregated for four tests of the above mentioned subjects. The candidates are required to obtain the high scores, higher than the cut off percentage to get admission.

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