Disc Jockey Education and Job Requirements

Disc Jockey Requirements

A disk jockey has an interesting job of entertaining a colorful audience by playing different genres of recorded music. There are various places where he works. Few of those are nightclubs, internet radio stations, discotheques, plush hotels, and bars. A disc jockey is commonly known as a DJ, in short. The points written below would tell more about the education and job requirements for this job.

Education requirements:

  • Though no formal education is required, yet a bachelor’s degree in music or performing arts with music as specialization is an added advantage.
  • Certified training or a diploma in music mixing and recording is a must.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 1 year as an assistant DJ is a plus.
  • Should have expertise in accurate sound recording delivered through compact discs.
  • Must be aware of various kinds of sound systems and amplifiers.
  • Should possess a creative sense to analyze the essence of the occasion and the mood of the public and play music accordingly.
  • Should be technically superior while using DJ mixer.
  • Must use headphone and microphone efficiently.
  • Should be able to flawlessly use the multiple sequencer of the disk jockeying system.

The above details are sufficient to hire the right person for doing the job of a DJ.

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