Disability Sports Development Manager Education and Job Requirements

Disability Sports Development Manager Requirements

The career of a disability sports development manager is very challenging as he is the one who can actually inspire people with various disabilities to use their skill and potential in the field of sports to fulfill their dreams of doing something on their own. He has to be quite imaginative to find solution to various problems which a disable person might face while playing. He must have an extremely positive attitude so that he can motivate people to go beyond their limits and do something extra ordinary.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate must have the degree in sports development management in which he must have studied about organizing sports event, developing new sport strategies and sport management.
  • Training certificates/Diploma in sports management, physical activities, health and disease and coaching.
  • Some soft skill or interpersonal skill development certificates.
  • Knowledge to handle paper work   related to sports development.

Job Requirements

  • Good experience in sports related training and physical training.
  • Excellent interpersonal skill to manage the children and youth who are disabled.
  • Candidate must have 3-4 years of experience coaching and giving training to disabled children and working in any sport organization, nonprofit organization or in any government organization.
  • Excellent communication skill to coordinate with various government bodies, sports authorities and local clubs etc.
  • Good knowledge about specific types of disabilities and how to handle them.
  • Ability to design a pathway for a disabled person so that he can follow the instructions to win the game.

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