Digital Media Education and Job Requirements

Digital Media Requirements

The Digital Media professionals have to coordinate the work starting from digital content creation from concept through to delivery. They hire artists and technicians, oversee idea development and manage financial decisions to bring a project to fruition. They create unique content for online companies like blogs and online games. Their work profile also includes creation of DVDs, training materials, marketing presentations and podcasts. They have to manage in-house as well as freelance content writers to create the desired content for their company. These people show the good amalgamation of language skill with technical knowledge.

Educational Requirements

  • The candidate should ideally have a media degree in graduation and post graduation in digital media, media arts, communications, broadcast journalism, film/television production or other related field.
  • Must get training or do internship from any high-quality institution.
  • Must get some certificates from media training school with hands on experience in digital media work.
  • He should be computer literate with excellent command over the language.
  • Web design concepts and knowledge of popular programming languages and Web platforms, such as HTML, CSS, Java and Flash is also necessary.

Job Requirements

  • The applicant should have five or more years of working experience.
  • The Candidate should have completed advance diploma or certificate program in digital media or media arts.
  • The applicant must have knowledge about graphic art, interactive design and a programming language, such as C++
  • Candidates should have a pleasing personality, cheerful attitude, positive thinking and very good communication skills.

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