Different Types of Careers in Education

Education is a very broad filed that covers many things from teaching two-year olds to learn basics like block making and others to teaching post graduate students about research. There are many challenging careers that one can undertake in the field of education. Following are some of them.


This is the commonest profession in the education sector and also the backbone of the education field. A teacher usually specializes in a specific subject or an age group. At least a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. Teaching careers can involve elementary school, preschool, middle school or high school. Middle and high school teachers specialize in specific subjects like mathematics or science.


Professors or lecturers are usually teachers at the college level. They teach in classrooms, mentor students and conduct researches. They can cover any subject from zoology to astronomy, and also in subjects like medicine, engineering, theater etc.

Speech language counselor

A speech language pathologist mostly works with children at schools, clinics or in a private practice. They assist children with the speech issued like pronunciation, diction and others like speaking complete sentences clearly. They work with children cutting across a vast spectrum of abilities like those with extreme disabilities or those who’re just learning words or even intelligent children who face difficulties to speak.


Former or senior teachers can become an administrator of an educational institution like a principal, vice principal, warden, superintendent and deans. They usually don’t work directly with students but manage the day-to-day activities of the school and its staff. They intervene with students having behavioral issues and reward students. They plan the curriculum, comply with government regulations and implement rules for the institution.


Tutors mostly work independently or with tutorial centers. They could be licensed teachers or even college students. They help students outside the school hours in bettering their studies.

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