Dietician Education and Job Requirements

Dietician Requirements

The job of a dietician is very wide as it involves a host of responsibilities, from preparing diet charts to counseling people on varied nutritional habits. The dietician helps his/her clients to develop healthy food habits that are essential for a balanced lifestyle. A dietician works for a hospital or a medical center, a health club or individually. The problems related to the diet and related physical illnesses are treated by the dietician. The following details tell about the education and job requirements for the post of an able dietician.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in nutrition with first class honors.
  • A master’s degree in nutrition with first class honors.
  • Training in dietetics from an accredited institute is a must.

Job requirements:

  • The candidate needs to make the patients aware of the diet-related ailments and counsel on preventing those.
  • Deep analysis of the nutritional value of various food items and keeping records.
  • Making intensive/extensive diet charts after a thorough examination of the patient.
  • Able to perform clinical research on the subject of dietetics.
  • Measuring the patient’s nutritional requirements on a periodic basis.
  • Preparing reports citing the details of the dietary treatments.

These details are fine guidelines for the concerned authority to recruit the right candidate.

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