Dietician Continuing Education Requirements

Dietician continuing education is part of the education of such a person after he or she has become a registered dietician. In other words, this is post-degree education but it is extremely importance since it ensures that the dietician can continue to practice legitimately. Once it has been issued, a dietician’s certificate or license remains valid for a period of five years.

Before the license lapses, the individual must participate in dietician continuing educational courses, which involves seminars, credit hours and other interesting concepts. What is important here is that the continuing education is directed towards professional dieticians, and therefore it is not the same as that for obtaining a degree in dietetics.

Dietician Continuing Education Requirements:

  • To avail of dietician continuing education, the first thing that the individual has to do is obtain license as a dietician. This can be done by completing a bachelor’s course and also a dietetic education program which is recognized by the ADA [American Dietetic Association].
  • The individual must enroll himself in a professional internship course which is approved by the ADA. Generally the ADA runs accredited courses which combine all these aspects in one fold.

Dietician Continuing Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following certificates and degrees are required before a candidate can proceed to dietician continuing educational course:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition
  • Certification of internship which is recognized by the American Dietetic Association.
  • Coursework which is ACEND approved.
  • Completion of a DPD program to achieve licensure.

Dietician Continuing Qualifications and Training:

The Professional Development Portfolio program which is issued by the Commission on Dietetic Registration holds that the minimum number of credit hours that an individual must incorporate as part of his continuing education in order to renew a license is 75 hours.

The training program includes candidates taking college level classes in order to work towards a degree, gaining specialization degrees in areas like weight management, attending and participating in workshops and seminars and generally increasing knowledge in a particular field.

Dietician Continuing Colleges and Universities:

Dietician Continuing Wages and Salaries:

The salaries of a dietician will vary according to the individual skills of the individual and level of proficiency in the field. However, on an average, the yearly salary of a dietician according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is 53, 200 USD. This is the median salary and therefore it will be dependent on a number of factors.

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