Desktop Publisher Education Requirements

Desktop publishing has become a proficiency of many organizational personnel as well as a specialty field. Though the responsibility of a desktop publisher can vary depending on job position, most are in charge of generating visually enjoyable marketing pieces.

A formal education is not necessary in this field, but computer knowledge is prerequisite. Graphic design degrees and classes are offered to enhance the design skills of the interested candidates.

Desktop Publisher Education Requirements:

  • A candidate who looks forward to become a desktop publisher must pass the high school diploma.
  • Most of the candidates aspiring to become desktop publishers can take classes from vocational schools, colleges and universities and procure certificates.
  • Candidates also build up finely tuned skills in print medium, typography, packaging, and related fields.
  • For this field of work, often good communication and interpersonal skills are required through which the candidate can handle clients and co workers.
  • Exceptional computer related skills may also be required.
  • There are courses available in other aspects of printing at vocational-technical institutes, industry-sponsored update and retraining programs, and private trade and technical schools.
  • These candidates must also possess sound working knowledge of computers and automated software used for desktop publishing.

Desktop Publisher Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • The potential desktop publisher must consider following degrees and certifications in order to initiate their professional career
  • High school diploma
  • Associate degree in applied science or Bachelors degree in graphic design, communication or other related areas.(optional)
  • Short term diploma level courses in printing, imaging, computers, related software etc.
  • Certificate of various vocational courses available.
  • Masters degree in Arts (optional)
  • These candidates can also go for an optional certification courses for their benefit.


Desktop Publisher Qualification and Training:

Along with the formal education, practical hands on trainings are also equally important to prepare candidate for the job of the desktop publisher. Such training programs equip the candidate with the requisite skills and qualities, and prepare them to face the challenges in their professional career. Although a formal training is not required, for those with certification or degrees but it is always beneficial.

Another requirement to become a successful desktop publisher is to possess good computer skills and ability to use the graphical software.

Desktop Publisher Specialist Colleges and Universities:

 Desktop Publisher Wages and Salaries:

A desktop publisher can earn within the range of $30,000 – $65,000 on yearly basis. This salary range varies as per candidate’s performance and job experience in the field.

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