Dermatology Nurse Education requirements

Dermatology nurses are those nurses who work with patients who have skin problems and generally work at dermatology offices, medical spa, cosmetic surgery clinics etc. There are a number of duties and responsibilities which a dermatology nurse has to fulfill and these may include providing care for acne, eczema and other problems and also helping the doctor in treatment of patients.

In order to become a dermatology nurse, a candidate has to fulfill many education requirements, a detail of which has been provided below.

Dermatology Nurse Education Requirements

  • Any candidate who wishes to become a dermatology nurse must first complete high school education from a recognized school.
  • After this, the candidate has to pursue bachelor’s degree or a diploma course in nursing from an accredited school.
  • Some candidates may also pursue Masters in nursing to stand a better chance to get a job and improve their profile.
  • After completing graduation, the candidate must pass a written exam which helps them to get a certification and become a Registered Nurse.
  • After this, the RN must pursue a specialization course in order to become a Dermatology Nurse.

Dermatology Nurse Degrees, Courses and Certifications

One has to fulfill the following degree, courses and certification requirements in order to become a dermatology nurse:

  • High school diploma is a compulsory requirement to become a dermatology nurse.
  • Bachelors in Nursing is also a degree which is mandatory to get.
  • Master’s in Nursing is an optional choice but is often preferred by employers.
  • Certification in nursing which helps a nurse become a RN is compulsory to get.
  • Specialization in dermatology nursing is the next step to become a dermatology nurse.

Dermatology Nurse Qualification and Training

Apart from all the above mentioned qualifications and education requirements, a dermatology nurse must also go through training. This training is often obtained during the masters or bachelors program. Specializes clinical experience is provided to all nursing students so that they can get firsthand training and learn how to treat various skin disorders like acne, eczema, skin cancer etc.  This clinical experience is always supervised.

Dermatology Nurse Colleges and Universities

Dermatology Nurse Wages and Salaries

A dermatology nurse is expected to earn an average median salary of $57280. This figure may greatly depend upon individual’s qualifications, experience, skills, and other factors and also on the place where the nurse has been employed.

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