Dermatologist Assistant Education Requirements

A dermatologist assistant is a professional who is responsible for providing skin treatment to patients and works under a dermatologist or skin doctor. Any person working at this position works at the level of a doctor and provides diagnosis, treatment and cure to the skin problems of the patients. They work under the careful eye of the dermatologist and work in a variety of work set ups like hospitals, skin clinics, private clinics and parlors.

If someone is interested in becoming a dermatologist assistant, he/she may need to fulfill certain education requirements and some other requirements as well.  He/she must be well trained and skilled to perform skin treatment procedures on the patients. The following are the various education requirements of a dermatologist assistant.

Dermatologist Assistant Education Requirements

  • Any person who wishes to work at the position of a dermatologist assistant must complete graduation and gain a bachelor’s degree.
  • After this, they have to take training at a medical school at the physician assistant program which is accredited by the accredition review commission on Education.  This specialized training takes about two years to complete.
  • After completing this program, candidates get the initial certification to practice as a licensed P.A.

Dermatologist Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are some of the degrees, courses and certifications which a dermatologist assistant can pursue in order to be placed at a good work setting.

  • High school education certificate from an accredited high school.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate in any field, preferably suitable for this position.
  • Training at a medical school which leads to a licensed PA certification. Only after getting this certification can the candidate work under a dermatologist and start practice.
  • A dermatologist assistant needs to complete 100 hours of continuing education every two years and maintain the certification.

Dermatologist Assistant Qualification and Training

A dermatologist assistant, besides formal education also needs to acquire training and experience in the field to start formal practice. This can be gained by training under a dermatologist at a private skin clinic. Through this, one can also acquire the required skills as well as the accuracy to perform the job well.

Dermatologist Assistant Colleges and Universities

Dermatologist Assistant Wages and Salaries

On an average, a person working as a dermatologist assistant earns a median salary of $39000.  In this field, the job prospects are growing as more skin clinics are coming up in all parts of the world.

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