Dental Therapist Education Requirements

A dental therapist is a trained and qualified professional or individual who practices dentistry and deals with providing treatment and care to children and adults as far as dental health is concerned. Some tasks which a dental therapist may have to perform include giving local anesthesia, cleaning, restorations, extractions, taking radiographs etc.

There are many duties and responsibilities which a dental therapist has to fulfill. But to fulfill these duties, the candidate must be properly educated, trained and must possess a practice licensure. Given below are further details about the education requirements of a dental therapist.

Dental Therapist Education Requirements

  • A candidate who looks forward to become a dental therapist must first complete high school education from an accredited school with a focus on science based subjects including Biology and Mathematics.
  • A bachelor’s degree in dentistry called BDS is a compulsory requirement.
  • But those candidates who have also pursued MDS or Masters of Dentistry Studies stand a better chance to grab a job. This is a course which merges theoretical knowledge and practical training and experience.

Dental Therapist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

To become a dental therapist, one needs to fulfill the following degree and certifications requirements as well:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry or BDS is a compulsory requirement for anyone who wishes to be a dental therapist.
  • MDS or masters in Dentistry is also a preferred entry requirement and is often obtained in a particular discipline of specialization.
  • License of dentistry practice is essential for an aspiring dental therapist to obtain and the licensure requirements and norms vary from state to state. It might include both an oral and a written examination.

Dental Therapist Qualification and Training

Besides all the formal education requirements, a candidate who wishes to become a dental therapist also needs to have the proper training to be able to handle the duties of the job. During the masters’ program, candidates are required to get firsthand dentistry experience by working at hospitals. This training and experience goes a long way and adds to their pool of knowledge.

Dental Therapist Colleges and Universities

Dental Therapist Wages and Salaries

Any person who is working as a dental therapist is likely to earn an annual median salary of $85000. But this figure may depend upon the candidate’s qualifications, experience and skills etc and thus may vary from the average amount.

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