Dental Technician Education and Job Requirements

Dental Technician Requirements

Dental technicians are those people who manufacture and repair most of the artificial fixtures that are required for a patient. These orthodontic fixtures include braces, inlays, dentures, bridges and inlays. They play an important role in fixing these orthodontic devices in a patient’s mouth. In case there is any problem with the fittings, they polish and adjust it according to the shape and size of his mouth or jaws. Dental technicians are regarded as very important people in the dental science and without their active help surgeons are rendered incapable of doing any surgery on any patients.

Dental Technician Educational Requirements

v     Candidate should have a high school diploma in ceramics, metal work or chemistry

v     Candidate must have worked as an apprentice with some trained technicians

v     Candidate with  prior experience will be given special preference

Dental Technician Job Requirements

v     Applicant should be an active learner with good listening and observational skills so that he can record all that he observes during the day

v     Applicant should have good knowledge about equipments and various materials for making fixtures

v     Applicant should be particular about quality of the product and provide sufficient attention to the quality of the products that has been ordered.

v     Applicant should have good co-ordination skills and the ability to think critically

The demand for skilled dental technicians are always very high, after all it requires great amount of mastery in the art to make perfect orthodontic fixtures. The compensation offered is also very good. A candidate only needs to have dedication in order to make it big in this field.

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