Dental Surgeon Education Requirements

Dental surgeons are dental specialists who are trained and qualified to perform dental surgeries on patients who are suffering from severe dental problems and ailments. Dental surgeons perform complex procedures and also basic duties such as consulting patients, discussing the various options of treatment, prescribing medicines, providing treatment, providing after treatment care etc.

This job requires high level educational qualifications as well as set training programs to be able to handle these duties. Given below are some of the educational requirements which a dental surgeon needs to fulfill.

Dental Surgeon Education Requirements

  • A candidate needs to complete high school education from an accredited school to become a dental surgeon. He/she must focus on science based subjects during school level.
  • He/she then needs to complete a 4 year bachelors program in a science related field or subject to become a dental surgeon.
  • Then dental schooling must be done and this takes another 4 years after graduation.
  • After completing this, the candidate must specialize in a field of interest within the broader dentistry field.

Dental Surgeon Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The following are the various degrees, courses and certifications which dental surgeon needs to complete:

  • High school diploma with a focus on science subjects, from an accredited school
  • Bachelors in a field of science or medical studies.
  • Masters in dental studies from an accredited medical or dental college is also a must.
  • Dental surgeons also need to specialize in a field of their choice and this also has to be done through a dental college.
  • After this, the state conducts a licensing exam, which is compulsory to pass to get a licensure to practice.

Dental Surgeon Qualification and Training

Formal education is definitely very important for anyone who wishes to become a dental surgeon, but apart from that, the candidate also needs to possess certain skills and certain amount of training in order to do well at the job. During both the master’s level education and the specialization, firsthand training is provided to aspiring dental surgeons so that they can polish their skills and get a taste of what the job really is about.

Dental Surgeon Colleges and Universities

Dental Surgeon Wages and Salaries

A dental surgeon can earn an average median salary of $216440. This field is quite high paying but also needs extremely skilled individuals with hardworking abilities. The salary also varies depending upon the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

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