Dental Nurse Education and Job Requirements

Dental Nurse Requirements

Dental Nurse Education and Job Requirements are write ups which give information regarding the skills and qualifications needed by a person who is applying for the post of a dental nurse. These articles are important and useful for those who are interested in this job profile and want to clearly know about the expectations of the employers. A dental nurse is a nurse who assists a dentist during operations, surgeries and other dental treatments. These nurses need a different set of qualifications than the regular nurses.

The following are the details of the qualifications and job requirements of a dental nurse.

Education Qualifications:

  • The high school level education, if done in biology or medical science is a definite advantage for those who are interested in becoming dental nurses.
  • One must be a registered nurse from their respective state in order to qualify for this position.
  • A master’s degree in nursing with the main subject being dentistry is demanded in some cases, though this may not be a compulsory requirement.
  • An experience of 1-2 years at a dentist’s clinic is a definite plus point for those applying for this position. Though even this point may not be a requisite.

Job Requirements:

  • One has to posses good communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • The person must possess complete knowledge of the techniques and procedures followed.
  • The applicant must be comfortable at following instructions and should be fully aware of the machines and equipments used at a dentist’s clinic.

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