Dental Nurse Training Requirements

Dental nurse training requirements are those qualifications and training that a person must go through if he wants to become a nurse in the dental field. Dental nurses work with dentists in treating patients with any problems related to their teeth and gums.

The education and training requirements ensure that they know how to do basic procedures, assist the dentist, maintain machines and equipment and do all the necessary paperwork required for the job. The training requirements for dental nurses varies from state to state in the US as some require a college degree and certification while others rely on work experience and on the job training.

What Are The Education Requirements For Dental Nurse Training?

Here are a few courses and subjects you can study in order to become a dental nurse:

  • By taking subjects like physics, chemistry and biology in high school, you will be better prepared for a job in this field
  • You need a minimum of high school degree and after that you can enroll in a dental assistance program in an accredited institute recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association
  • Although certification is not necessary, you can get certified by passing the exam organized by the Dental Assisting National Board

What Additional Training Is Needed For Dental Nursing?

  • You can appear for the certification exam if you have completed your dental assistantship course or have at least two years on the job training as a dental nurse
  • In countries like the UK, you will need to be registered with the General Dental Council to work as a dental nurse, although the qualification criteria differ from country to country
  • Most of the training is provided on the job as the nurse assists the dentists in conducting various procedures and gets trained in both hard skills and soft skills

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