Dental Nurse Course Requirements

A dental nurse professional is one who has been trained with the basic knowledge of dental health and hygiene and can effectively assist a dentist or a dental surgeon in performing treatment related to oral health and care. Dental nurses are required to have complete education in related fields of dentistry and a thorough knowledge of the applied practices, such that they can effectively perform jobs such as sterilizing the instruments and required appliances, providing complete and compact details of patient case history, helping patients be comfortable and panic-free, doing sundry tasks prior to surgery or any treatment, etc.

Eligibility Criterion for Dental Nurse Course:

Although no specific academic qualifications are required for making a candidate eligible for the course in dental nursing, yet it is advisable that candidates should possess minimum education necessary for proper understanding and application of the course.

Course Requirements:

The course for training as a dental nurse does not comprise of any graduation degree, it can be acquired by diploma. Certifications play quite an important role in determining successful dental nurse trainees who can later on work for reputed organizations and dental clinics. Some of the course requirements and certificates offered in the course have been given below:

  • Certificate of Higher Education – 1-year program
  • National Diploma in Dental Nursing – provided by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses [NEBDN]
  • NVQ Level 3 in Oral Healthcare
  • Dental Nursing VRQ Level 3
  • QCF Level 3 Diploma (Dental Nursing and Oral Healthcare)
  • Certificate of Proficiency – Dental Nursing

It is extremely necessary for all candidates and trainees pursuing the dental nursing course to be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).

Costs incurred for the Dental Nurse Course:

The course fees for dental nursing in the U.S may cost anything in the range of $1,200 to $25,000. Some institutes, however, are government-funded and offer courses for free or at much cheaper prices.

Areas covered by the Dental Nurse Course:

  • Training in preparation and maintenance of dental environment.
  • Dental radiograph study.
  • Knowledge in Infection Control Measures, in compliance with Health Department and Primary Dental Care Units.
  • Performing clinical records and routine examinations.
  • Monitoring patients undergoing treatment in dental care.
  • Mixing and handling dental materials, amalgamation, etc.

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