Dental Hygienist Education Requirements

Dental hygiene is a field which emits huge chances of growth and advancement in the near future since every person is affected with some sort of dental deformity or malfunction forcing them to pay regular visits to dentists. Therefore, it is a wise decision to pursue the profession of dental hygiene. But it is also important that the person knows what suits him and his personality so that he does not feel like a fish out of water after entering the profession.

Knowing the methods of dental care and hygiene assurance is not a child’s play. A number of courses and studies have to be completed and certain examinations have to be passed in order to become a full-fledged dental hygienist. Training also becomes easy for these professionals after they are through with the theoretical study.

Dental Hygienist Education Requirements

  • A senior high school diploma is compulsory and all candidates have to clear the final exam before proceeding on to further studies and works on dental hygiene.
  • The candidates will have to then graduate from a recognized university in dental courses before being granted a license for clinical practice and research. Such a program includes the training elements of the upcoming hygienists as well.
  • The candidates will have to complete additional courses in dental and oral sciences because just graduation may not be as effective as the combination of the two qualifications thereby increasing employment opportunities for them in dental clinics.

Dental Hygienist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An outline of the degrees and certifications are given here signifying the requirements and qualifications for dental hygienists:

  • High school diploma preferably in mathematics, biology and chemistry
  • Bachelors in dental hygiene
  • Diploma in oral pathology, patient practice, pharmacology and periodontology
  • Certification from American Dental Association (ADA) Commission Of Dental Accreditation (CDA)

Dental Hygienist Qualifications and Training

Extra qualifications other than bachelor degree in dental courses include manual dexterity as the job entails use of tools and examination of mouth and teeth with hands. Masters in the field is also bound to increase the employment, practice and research periphery of the candidate. These candidates are required to pass through rigorous training programs in dental hospitals prior to employment.

Dental Hygienist Colleges and Universities

Dental Hygienist Wages and Salary

The average range of salary is $55,000 and $70,000 for most of the dental hygienists and the median expected pay is $62,000 in the US.

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