Dental Hygienist Course Requirements

A dental hygienist is a trained and licensed professional who is skilled in providing oral health care to patients, generally working along with a dentist. The task of a dental hygienist may range from provision of preventive services that help promote healthy oral environment to services that are educational in nature like the type that instills the sense of good oral health and corresponding behavioral practices among individuals. These dental officials may also help provide therapeutic services as solution to oral problems and treatment of such diseases.

Eligibility criterion for Dental Hygienist Course:

  • Satisfactory completion of 60 working units of semester type exam.
  • A minimum of 2.0 or more cumulative GPA.
  • Average 55% in Reading and Writing skills and a minimum of 50% in Mathematics.

Course Requirements:

The following are the requirements for the course of a dental hygienist:

  • Health Education – can be fulfilled by completion of Health Education-10. Veterans and military trainees are exempted.
  • American History and Institution – requires completion of either of the following three courses –
    • History 17A
    • History 17B
    • Political Science 1
    • Information Competency – requires successful completion of INCO 48.
    • Major course – DENTAL HYGIENE – a 2-year long program comprising of a number of courses, some of which include Oral Biology, Oral Radiology, Dental Health Education, Periodontics I, Periodontics II, Dental Materials, Pharmacology General and Oral Pathology, Local Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide, Clinical Practice (I, II and III), Nutrition in Dentistry, Patient Management, Financial Management & Practice, Community Oral Health, Ethics and Jurisprudence.
    • General Education Requirements – comprising of the following fields of study:
      • Natural Science
      • Social and Behavioral Science
      • Humanities
      • English Composition
      • Communication and Analytical Thinking
      • General Education Electives [English 50A and English 54 AB]
      • Associate degree – $30,155
      • Bachelor’s degree – $40,207
      • Master’s degree – $23,133

Cost of Dental Hygienist Course:

The costs for a dental hygienist course may range from $5,000 to as high as $70,000 depending upon the choice of institutes and universities. Course fees generally include costs of instruments and clinical apparatus, laboratory coats, licensed board exams, insurances, etc.

Areas covered by Dental Hygienist Course:

Supporting the works of dentists, as per the jurisdiction, dental hygienists are trained to commonly help treat patients suffering from periodontal disease, by application of methods such as scaling, prophylaxis, administration of local anesthesia and fluoride, dental sealants, etc. Thus, dental hygienists are trained to assure proper oral healthcare and hygiene by providing correct medical instructions and information regarding the same.

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