Dental College Requirements

Dental college provides both theoretical education and practical knowledge to its students. It provides education on how to prevent problems related to teeth and gums, diagnose dental problems and provide treatment for the same. The criterion for getting admission to any medical college is tough and dental colleges are no exception to it.

It requires a lot of hard work to attain the required grades in high school and clear the entrance test to get admission in a dental college. There a number of other requirements for taking admission in a dental college; these are mentioned in detail in this article.

Requirements for taking Admission in a Dental College

  • Aspiring dental students are suggested to take up science subjects in high school. This stream includes subjects like physics, biology, chemistry, English, mathematics and health.
  • One may attain a high school diploma or even a GED certificate would do.
  • Taking classes in foreign language increases the ability to deal with a greater number of clients and thus the dental colleges also give preference to students who have knowledge about more than one foreign language as they would be able to serve greater number of clients.
  • The students need to complete a minimum of two years of coursework in a college. This is because most of the dental colleges require the students applying for dental coursework admission to have a degree in chemistry or biology. However, many of them don’t require degree in a particular subject.
  • The students are then required to clear the Dental Admission Test (DAT) with good grades.
  • The students also need to submit letters of recommendation. These letters should be from mentors, advisers and professors. It may even be from the dentists whom these students may have assisted.
  • One also requires clearing a round of interview with the college admission review board.

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