Degree Certificate Requirements

Degree certificate requirements refer to the various processes that are involved in the procurement of a graduation or associate Degree certificate that shows the student has passed his Degree exams. It is usually issued by the university to which the Degree is affiliated to or by a national education body if the Degree is part of a central education board. In order to get the Degree certificate, the student must display good behavior and have a good record in graduation or associate degree program and most importantly, clear tests in different subjects. Some of these subjects are compulsory, while others are elective. Depending on the combined performance in all the subjects, the student is granted a Degree certificate. Depending on the type of course, the duration for a degree level course varies from two to four years.

When is one eligible for a Degree certificate?

The university to which the institution offering the degree programs is affiliated to, grants the students a Degree certificate under the following conditions:

  • The student must have completed all the requirements of the degree course program. For example, an associate degree program requires a student to complete 60 credit hours during his education period, to become eligible for the degree.
  • He/ she must clear the exams related to the curriculum of the degree course program.
  • Students must work hard and meet the academic obligations of the degree course program.
  • He/ She must show good behavior and good moral character during the course.
  • He/ She must submit a written application to request for the degree in the records and registration office within the specified deadline
  • He/ she must complete any project or research work included in the course curriculum, and submits its report in the concerned department.

When a student is refused a Degree certificate?

  • If a student fails to clear the basic subjects and the curriculum created by the board
  • If a student cheats during the exams
  • Other set of terms and conditions decided by the University for not granting the degree.

Students may sit for the exams again or appeal to the institution or university if they are not granted the Degree certificate.

What is the importance of a Degree certificate?

Degrees certificates are an important document in most countries as these are the major exam cleared by the student which prepares a student for the professional career. Based on his performance here, he/ she can apply or get selected for a job, or for masters and other high level courses.



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