Defense Lawyer Educational Requirements

A defense lawyer basically represents the opposition side of civil or criminal cases within the legal system. The defense lawyers put their best efforts to serve their client’s interests who stand responsible for committing a crime.

There are many other factors that are to be considered when contemplating a career as a defense lawyer, which include the required education, employment possibilities and earning potential.

Defense Lawyer Educational Requirements:

  • First the aspiring lawyer should complete bachelor’s degree and then apply to law school for further education.
  •  Even though the American Bar Association does not design a specific path of study for potential law students, some colleges and universities have pre-law courses that can enhance their knowledge in political science, history or other related fields.
  • To take admission in a law school, applicants must undertake take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) as undergraduates.
  • They must Pass the BAR exam and secure a license for working as a lawyer.

Defense lawyers Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • A High school diploma is required.
  • An undergraduate bachelor degree of 4 years from a recognized university is needed.
  • A 3 years graduate program degree from a law school accredited by American Bar Association (ABA) or their state bar authorities. During this time, the student may opt for defense as their specialization. Juris Doctorate degree is received on the completion of the course.
  • It is required to pass the bar exam for the qualifying candidates after receiving the Juris Doctorate degree if they further want to pursue their career in the field of law as a defense lawyer.
  • In order to start their practice as a defense lawyer it is necessary to qualify the bar exam and secure a valid license which is given by the authorized authority.
  • Generally all the states or firms require a defense lawyer to have a continuing education status which is necessary for them in order to stay informed about the progresses and developments in the legal fields and amendments in laws.

Defense Lawyer Qualification and Training:

A qualified law student receives legal training and gets experience through various clinics, research projects, internships and work-study opportunities available at the law schools, local law firms or in the legal system.

 Defense Lawyer specialist Colleges and Universities:

Defense Lawyer Wages and Salaries:

The salary of the Defense Lawyer varies within the range of $ $82,750 and $127,550 yearly which further depends on the personal performance and job experience of the lawyer.

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