Death Certificate Requirements

Death certificate is the legal document which is required to prove the death of any person to the required people and organizations like banks, insurance agencies etc. Death certificate requirements are a set of those required documents and information, which can prove that a particular person is not alive anymore. To obtain a death certificate for someone there is a set of procedures that you need to follow and there are certain legal requirements and forms requiring information about the person died.

Mainly, a death certificate declares the reason, location and date of death; hence it needs many official documents, which support death incident and related information.

What are the issuing authorities for a Death Certificate?

Death certificates are issued by respective authority systems after verification of the respective user’s credentials. Death certificates can be obtained from the local vital statistics office of your area. The request for death certificate should be made in black & white and the person requesting for death certificate must also prove his/her relation with the died person for whom death certificate is being demanded.

What are the requirements for obtaining a Death Certificate?

The requirements to obtain a death certificate vary from state to state, or from country to country, but there are some common grounds on which a death certificate is issued. Following are the general and commonly raised requirements for a death certificate:

  • The first and foremost thing is that, you have to specify the location, date and time of the death.
  • A medical certificate issued by a physician or doctor stating that the person is dead and the cause of the death.
  • You are required to submit the died person’s official name, date and place of birth supported by any of his ID proofs.
  • The deceased person’s last address and occupation
  • The deceased person’s spouse details like full name, date of birth and occupation (if surviving)
  • Legal documents supporting the fact if the deceased person was receiving any sort of pension or other benefits by government
  • Name, address details and ID proof of the person applying for the certificate. Along with this information, the person applying for deceased’s death certificate must also specify the relationship with the deceased and its proof.
  • Organ donor card of the deceased person. Although, this document is not a mandatory document but must be submitted if deceased had donated his/her organs.

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