Dance Teacher Education Requirements

Teaching dance could be a rewarding career especially for those people who love dance as an art form and enjoy sharing their passion with students. A dance teacher is expected to have an in-depth knowledge about the style of dance they want to teach and the ability to physically demonstrate advanced dance moves to students. Educational requirements could vary as per the particular dance form you want to teach and learn. Private studios have their own hiring requirements. While some prefer college degrees, others lay importance on professional qualifications. Even regular teachers of other subjects could be asked to teach dance part-time.

Dance Teacher Education Requirements

  • Aspirants having a degree in dance are usually preferred. Besides, a certificate in dancing would show that the candidate has solid knowledge of dancing moves and techniques. These certifications are usually available for various dances like belly dance, classical ballet, ballroom and other dance forms.
  • Post-graduation in dance could be sought by high and secondary schools. Ph. D. in dance history is required for more theoretical classes.

Dance Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Here are the common degrees that a dance teacher is expected to have:

  • Bachelors degree in arts—dance
  • Bachelors degree in education—fine arts
  • Master’s degree in arts—dance or allied field
  • PhD. in dance theoretic
  • Certificate course in dance—ballet, western, foxtrot etc.

Dance Teacher Qualifications and Training

Those seeking employment in schools or colleges are required to have some experience. Those intending to join a professional group can join as a dancer and work up to become an instructor.

Dance Teacher Colleges and Universities

Dance Teacher Wages and Salary

The average annual earning for secondary, middle, elementary and kindergarten school dance teachers are about $48,000. While the lowest remuneration is $28,000, the highest is around $76,000.

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