Customer Service Specialist Education Requirements

Customer service specialist education largely depends on hands on experiences on the particular field. Essentially, the demand of this job position is increasing steadily in retail industry. As there is a steady competition in this field, such job positions do seek for individuals with higher education related to sales and marketing or customer relationships. This is because a company’s growth or marketing could only be enhanced with effective customer services. Such an education related to marketing helps an individual to learn skills of handling customer questions tactfully and in a strategic way with an objective to ensure utmost customer satisfaction and experience.

Infact, candidate with additional qualifications and training on the related field can also have an added advantage while applying for this particular job position.

Customer Service Specialist Education Requirements

  • A customer service specialist must have a high school certificate as minimum qualification to satisfy.
  • A post graduation course in business management with specialization sales and marketing or in customer services or relationship management can give an extra edge to the candidates as well.
  • Certifications through internship or experience or vocational trainings on the particular field of customer services can help the candidate to understand the job requirement or proficiency in handling customers.
  • Minimum knowledge in computer, especially in MS Excel and Power point, is desirable.

Customer Service Specialist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A customer service specialist should possess the following educational qualifications to acquire the job post:

  • Bachelor’s of Commerce or related discipline.
  • Master’s in Business Management with specialization in Sales and Marketing.
  • Master’s in customer Service or Relationship management.
  • Certification from the particular industry of proficiency.

Customer Service Specialist Qualifications and Trainings

Customer service specialist can have additional qualification through internships on his field of expertise. Vocational trainings related to customer relationship management (CRM) would help a candidate to learn the etiquettes of conversing and dealing with the customers.

Customer Service Specialist Colleges and Universities

Customer Service Specialist Wages and Salary

The salary of customer service specialist generally varies from a range of $35000-$45000 per annum depending upon the field of expertise and opportunities.

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