Customer Service Sales Advisor Education Requirements

Customer service sales advisor is an individual who provides suggestions on various products and services of the company in order to enhance its sales. To meet the purpose of the job well, the candidate must have extensive knowledge on the field through on job training and work experiences. However, various aspects associated with the product and the technical glitches are the best understood through a formal education on the related subject.

In order to ensure high sales process by providing necessary customer services, the individual should have compatibility of dealing with customers which one could achieve through various vocational or certification courses.

Customer Service Sales Advisor Education Requirement

  • A graduation degree with highly qualifying marks in Commerce or related subject is required for understanding the sales process of the customer service well.
  • A post graduation degree in management with specialization in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service Management or Retail management and Merchandising is highly preferable.
  • Vocational courses and hands-on trainings on customer service consultancy are highly desirable.
  • Computer proficiency or basic internet knowledge is required so that the process could be handled smoothly.

Customer Service Sales Advisor Degrees, Courses and Certification

In order to become a customer service sales advisor in repute merchandising company, the following degrees and certifications are highly required.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or related disciplines.
  • Master’s degree in Management with specialization in Customer Service and Retail merchandising or Sales and Marketing is highly preferable.
  • Certification of training on Customer service Consultancy.
  • Certification of on-job work experiences as a customer service sales advisor.

Customer Service Sales Advisor Qualifications and Training’s

Extensive knowledge and advanced education is highly required for acquiring a position of customer service sales advisor as it helps in increasing the sales procedure by achieving utmost client satisfaction. Vocational training or on job trainings on customer service management helps a candidate to understand various aspects of a customer service sales advising job.

Customer Service Sales Advisor Colleges and Universities

Customer Service Sales Advisor Wages and Salary

The salary of a customer service advisor generally ranges between $35, 00-$45, 00 per annum depending upon the performance and deliverables.

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