Customer Service Clerk Education Requirements

The customer service clerk education requirements are necessarily required to evaluate a concerned person’s credentials for the job profile. As the name suggests, the primary function of a customer service clerk is to maintain the financial and accounts related records of a company. He has the options to work either for a private organization or for a government body. A firm, whether private or public, has a defined way of operating and there are various administrative issues involved to it. The procedural systems of the firm need to be updates on a regular basis. There should not be any laxity in their maintenance.

A customer service clerk shoulders this specific responsibility. In most of the cases, he has to work under a supervisor and report the periodical administrative updating of files to him and seek advices for any alteration. The customer service clerk works at the grass-root level of an organization from an administrative point of view.

Customer Service Clerk Education Requirements:

  • A basic educational requirement is obviously a good high school degree in any stream.
  • An undergraduate degree, preferable in management studies with administration-related modules, is a must.
  • A diploma in administrative studies with specializations in the accounts related subjects is of huge importance for advancement in the career.

Customer Service Clerk Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The degrees attained by a customer service clerk and the courses covered by him are of huge importance.

  • A high school degree in any stream with top grades.
  • A bachelor’s of arts in administrative/clerical studies.
  • A master’s of arts in administrative studies.
  • Relevant certification in training modules from accredited organizations.

Customer Service Clerk Qualifications and Training:

There is a specific training period for the newly recruited person in the job profile of a customer service clerk. He is taught to handle smaller projects on the administrative front. In the training period, he acquired the necessary clerical skills to properly organize the administrative tasks in a definite order. After the qualifications being tested and training being given, the person is made permanent in his post.

Customer Service Clerk Colleges and Universities:

Customer Service Clerk Wages and Salaries:

The remuneration level of the customer service clerk depends on the nature of organization which is recruiting him. The public ones pay a bit less – something around $30,000 mark. In cases of private companies, the candidate can expect to be paid around the $40,000 mark. The remuneration increases with experience in the field.

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