Criminal Psychologist Education Requirements

A criminal psychologist education must be comprehensive and up to the mark so as to equip him with the skills to determine the mental health of an individual accused of committing a crime. This requires the pursuit of a doctoral degree in forensic psychology which must be supplemented with adequate certifications from recognized authorities and licenses in order for the criminal psychologist to practise independently. This is a difficult but highly interesting career as criminal psychologists are often consulted by court of law in their professional capacity, and they may also be asked to submit evidence, or act as witnesses.

Apart from formal education, a criminal psychologist must be also qualified in the laws of the land that govern the impact of clinical psychology in legal cases. Since this is a profession with is closely tied up with the law, care should be taken that the criminal psychologist is well versed in the legal bearing of his job.

Criminal Psychologist Education Requirements:

  • A criminal psychologist is required to obtain a graduation degree after passing high school with excellent marks in the science subjects, especially Biology. The graduation degree in Forensic Psychology, or general Psychology is especially important as it provides a firm foundation to the more technical and rarefied knowledge which the aspirant must pursue after graduation.
  • A criminal psychologist must then move on to completing his post graduation in psychology or Forensic Psychology, with courses on forensic pathology for families, adult psychopathology, and mental health laws.
  • The criminal psychologist must then obtain a doctorate degree in psychology with specialisation in Forensic Psychology or in the latter itself. This is the minimum requirement for a criminal psychologist, for research or for independent practise.

Criminal Psychologist Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A criminal psychologist needs the following degrees and certifications in order to be eligible for practise:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Forensic Psychology
  • Master’s degree in Psychology or Forensic Psychology
  • Doctorate degree in Psychology or Doctorate in Clinical forensic Psychology [Psych. D]
  • Certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Criminal Psychologist Education Qualifications and Training:

A criminal psychologist must be qualified to handle the legal aspect of his cases. He must be qualified to provide helpful diagnoses and also provide evidence of mental aberrations if so needed. This can be incorporated with the correct training obtained through internships or through work experience.

Criminal Psychologist Education Colleges and Universities:

Criminal Psychologist Education Wages and Salary:

A criminal psychologist earns around 60,000USD per annum.

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