Criminal Defense Attorney Educational Requirements

A criminal defense attorney is assigned with the task of representing a client who is accused with a criminal charge in court of law. Criminal defense attorneys provide legal guidance to their clients throughout the entire court procedure, from the arrest up to the final ruling and sentencing sessions.

Before starting a career as a local or federal criminal defense attorney, there is a need to acquire a good education and training in law field.

Criminal Defense Attorney Educational Requirements:

  • Initially a bachelor degree is necessary to start with the process of education of law.
  • It is necessary to take and qualify the LSAT exam for taking the admission in a reputed law school.
  • After being admitted to the law school, the candidate can focus on criminal law stream.
  • It is required by the aspiring candidates to attend the criminal court proceedings  and work as a intern in a law firm before giving the bar exam.
  • A candidate must have strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and talent to think sensibly and be capable in convincing speech and own an ability to think quickly.
  • Some institutions have a specific pre-law programs designed, though the American Bar Association suggests that any undergraduate degree you earn in the course of preparation for law school should help you learn logical and problem solving proficiency, critical reading, writing and verbal communication, and research.

Criminal Defense Attorney Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High school diploma is the basic requirement.
  • A bachelor degree of 4 years education is required to enter a law school. Students from any discipline are eligible for admissions.
  • A  Juris Doctorate degree which is obtained after the completion of a program from an accredited law school.
  • They are required to procure a valid license after clearing the bar exam for starting their practice.

Criminal Defense Attorney Qualification and Training:

To become a criminal defense attorney a candidate must undertake the training required through various clinical and internship training programs organized by the law firms, law schools and institutions. They may also join law fraternities whose alumni members can help to get into defense law firms that are affiliated with them.

Criminal Defense Attorney specialist Colleges and Universities:

Criminal Defense Attorney Wages and Salaries:

Criminal Defense attorneys can anticipate making $50,000 to over $100,000 per year, depending on their employer’s nature and their personal abilities

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