Crime Scene Technician Education Requirements

Crime scene technicians are responsible for collecting the evidence material like fingerprints, weapons, hair strands, fiber etc to support the criminal investigations. The crime scene technician education must emphasize on developing the candidates who can efficiently perform in the investigation missions, therefore apart from making them learn the forensic skills, they should be imparted knowledge in other related fields of investigation as well, which will help them during their career.

A crime scene technician education must be substantial and encompass the most modern technical methods of imparting knowledge and forensic training. It should be forward looking and make him aware of the challenges in the field and he should be equipped with right knowledge and skill set to face these challenges.

Crime scene technician Education Requirements:

  • A crime scene technician must have completed their high school and graduation in science stream.
  • Students can also opt for specializations in various fields related with forensic science and investigation technology.
  • The candidates must be trained in the related fields other than forensics also which can help them during their jobs.
  • High school degree preferably in science stream with excellent marks
  • Bachelor’s degree in any of these subjects – Forensic anthropology, Forensic science, Forensic biology, Criminal justice, chemistry, molecular biology etc are helpful for the job prospects
  • Two years certification programs in crime scene investigation offered by many educational institutions are also good for getting the specific subject knowledge in the field of crime scene technician

Crime scene technician Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Crime scene technician Education Qualification and Training:

Crime scene technician education also offers the practical training programs, which prepare the candidates for the work environment and equip them with all the necessary skills. Considering the seriousness of the job and the tasks being offered during the job, only the formal education does not prepares a candidate for this kind of work. Special hands on trainings are required which make a candidate worth for the job.

The crime scene technician education is not complete without these training programs which gives all the required tools, knowledge and skills that make a successful crime scene technician and prepare the candidates for the strenuous job tasks.

Crime scene technician Colleges and Universities:

Crime scene technician Wages and Salaries:

The salary of the crime scene technicians depend on their level of experience they hold in the field. The salaries generally vary within a range of $ 40,000 – $75,000 depending on their education, dedication and experience.

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