Credit Manager Education Requirements

Credit Managers must have knowledge about handling the credit accounts of their organization and clients. They are required to figure out and evaluate their existing as well as prospective clients’ credit worthiness in order to ensure the protection of their company’s assets. Credit managers are given the power to accept or deny applications for credit. They are educated and trained on analysing and validating the customer details filled in the credit applications, financial reports and other similar documents. They are required to collect data from different sources such as local and national agencies keeping in minds the state laws as well as the company policies and work on it. The credit manager education must emphasize on providing the key skills needed for this job position.

Credit Manager Education Requirements

  • A Credit Manager must have a college degree. This may be in any field including finance, accounting, business administration and economics. The field is vast and thus the specialization may vary based on the employer/ organization. In certain organizations, a degree may not be required, they may hire the candidate based their work experience.
  • A post graduation degree in Business Administration specializing in the field of Finance is an added advantage. Candidates with a post graduation degree in this field are given preference.
  • One may even opt for a home-study course and a follow up training program that are especially designed for those already working at this position. These courses help in keeping them updated on the latest happenings in this field.
  • There are special training programs that train the students on credit processing procedures.

Credit Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are the degree programs and courses that would help you get into the position of a Credit Manager:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance/ Accounting/ Economics
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration specializing in Finance/ Accounting
  • Courses on Credit Processing Procedures, credit analysis and financial planning.

Credit Manager Qualifications and Training

In order to get into this position one must have some past experience in management and should have undergone training in this field. One must also possess knowledge about financial planning and staffing and should also be aware about legal procedures. Most employers provide on the job training to handle the tasks well. However, it is also essential to stay updated with the latest information in this field.

Credit Manager Colleges and Universities

Credit Manager Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a Credit Manager is around $72,329. The salary and wages may vary depending upon the city or state one is working for. It also differs from company to company.

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