Creative Director Education Requirements

A creative director manages the graphics and art related matters of promotional products. They are also likely to manage art related to the marketing of materials. These include websites, brochures, advertising material, media items etc. as also packaging and product design. A creative director usually heads a team comprising that comprises several senior and junior designers. Employers hiring creative directors usually require aspirants to be at least undergraduates in either graphic designing or marketing, besides having at least seven years of work experience.

Creative Director Education Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in graphic design or marketing could be the ideal foundation for a creative director. Also, a degree in integrated marketing communication could give individuals the training in various areas of marketing that a creative director needs to oversee like advertising, marketing, digital media, public relations etc.
  • Aspirants may take courses in visual communication, graphic design, visual communication etc.
  • Graduates can gain experience in advertising agencies where they have to work in a fast-paced environment for learning to serve the needs of the client. Graduates also find work in the in house marketing department of a company.

Creative Director Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Common film direction courses are likely as follows:

  • Bachelor of fine arts
  • Masters in fine arts
  • Post graduate diploma in creative design
  • Post graduate diploma in designing, marketing
  • Certificate in mass communication


Creative Director Qualifications and Training

Aspiring creative directors have to learn the various marketing techniques like designing, outdoor designing, online advertising etc. This is best learnt while undergoing internship at an advertising agency under the guidance of a senior creative director.

Creative Director Colleges and Universities

Creative Director Wages and Salary

A creative director can expect to get an average annual salary of $78,600. However, most creative directors have to begin as a junior creative assistant.

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