CPA Education Requirements

A certified public accountant [CPA] education involves a thorough study of all accounting concepts and practices that are to be implemented at the job sector. The education structure should be so designed that it covers areas of accounting, finance and business management, organization, preparation, analysis, and maintenance of financial documents and various records, files, reports, etc., and should help the students garner a clear and complete knowledge of the subject and the corresponding practical work involved when working in companies, business organizations, accounting firms, etc.

The job of a CPA and the responsibilities involved are not something very meager, infact they demand the possession of extraordinary knowledge in the respective subject and excellent skills to perform the job effectively. Apart from the formal education wherein one has to acquire a graduate’s degree atleast, a CPA applicant needs to acquire an on-the-job training experience to become eligible for the post in a respectable firm or agency. A CPA also needs to acquire certain licensing certifications before being finalized as a professional in the concerned field.

CPA Education Requirements:

  • A CPA must acquire a graduation degree in the field of accounting, or some related subjects, such as, business organization and management, finance, economics, etc.
  • It is very important for any CPA to have completed the 150-semester course and acquired credits from a college, according to the necessary criterion set by the state board of accountancy in every individual state of the U.S. Most colleges and universities have designed their bachelor degree program in this particular format to help students acquire a thorough knowledge of the financial and accounting concepts and the strong ability to not only understand but also manipulate them.
  • Each state has a governing body or “board”, which issues a definite set of rules that are to be followed to become a “licensed CPA”.

CPA Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To become a licensed and efficient CPA, one needs to acquire the following degrees and certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accountancy
  • Master degree in financial accounting
  • Diploma in Auditing
  • Training Certificate – Management Accounting
  • Certification in Professional Ethics

CPA Qualifications and Training:

An individual needs to be properly educated in the subject of accountancy and thoroughly trained in practicing financial accounting, to qualify for the job of a certified public accountant [CPA]. Educational qualifications and training should both be acquired hand-in-hand, from reputed institutes and organizations.

CPA Colleges and Universities:

CPA Salary and Wages:

The average salary of a CPA is around $70000, which may vary depending on experience and expertise.

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