Court Reporter Education Requirements

A court reporter is a person assigned the job of scripting court decisions and hearings in shorthand and producing transcribed versions of the same. This is a kind of stenography wherein workers are required to be proficient in handling stenography machines, voice reading equipments and type words at high speeds. This clearly depicts that the academic coursework underlying the profession is strictly contained within the bounds of mechanical and clerical work that demands minimum intelligence or educational qualification.

The education should be such that the workers can understand legal matters and have a somewhat generous amount of knowledge regarding court proceedings. Experience and training is what counts more than education as it is a machine-oriented job. The certification or license for this is issued by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) that each of these candidates must obtain before applying.

Court Reporter Education Requirements

  • The candidate has to be a high school graduate and pass the board exams with decent marks to become a court reporter. Certain schools take an initiative here by preparing the students well in English grammar and keyboarding. Good grades in these subjects serve as prerequisites.


  • The next step is to complete an NCRA accredited program in court reporting and fulfill the requirements in terms of classes attended and other measures put forward by the organization.


  • The education requirements are not much for court reporting but license and certification is must. A license as Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSP) prepares the ground for such vocations.

Court Reporter Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A court reporter has to possess the following degrees so that he can apply and sustain in the job:

  • High school graduate in arts including English
  • NCRA Certification- Court reporting
  • Certificate degree in stenography, voice reading, shorthand, typing
  • License Certification- CSP

Court Reporter Qualifications and Training

Having a certificate degree in computer handling facilitates, the candidate’s position to apply as that yields to the qualification of the candidate. Training is the next important course of work to be taken seriously, especially the method approved by NCRA. Alternatively, on the job training can be attained in digital equipments and audio tapes. However, one has to take continuing education to maintain the hold and to renew the license achieved after qualifying the training exam.

Court Reporter Colleges and Universities

Court Reporter Wages and Salary

Court reporters earn in between $30,500 and $60,800 in a month as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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