Court Clerk Attorney Education Requirements

A court clerk education requirement centers on the most basic education and does not require you to pursue any specializations. You don’t have to study law to become a court clerk although you need to have basic training, information or knowledge, and working experience related to fulfilling various court based administrative duties like proof reading, typing, bookkeeping and using courtroom language. Most state level courts or high courts require high school diploma as the basic educational requirement although some of the Federal courts may require bachelors or master’s degrees in specific discipline. A court clerk is normally appointed by the judge of a Federal court, district court, county court and your primary objective will be to safeguard the integrity of the court.

Court Clerk Education Requirements:

  • An aspiring court clerk needs to hold a basic high school diploma. You can be from the science, arts, commerce or any other stream. You need to have five General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSEs) including one in English language.
  • Court clerk can also complete a bachelor’s degree in any subject. The bachelor’s degree will only be an advantage when they apply for Federal court jobs or when applying for promotions.
  • Court clerk internships can open doors into the court clerk career. Apart from this, computer education and knowledge of working on computers is important.

Court Clerk Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A Court Clerk needs to complete the following diploma, under graduate or graduate degree programs to enhance his/her work credentials:

  • High school diploma with overall good percentage.
  • Bachelor’s of Arts, Science or Commerce
  • Bachelors in criminal justice or business administration
  • Certified typist certification
  • Certified Computing Professional (CCP)

Court Clerk Qualification and Training:

The most important aspect of court clerk education is training in accounting practices, legal terminology, and administrative work. As an aspiring court clerk, you can receive training through court clerk internship programs although you can associate yourself with practicing lawyers to derive field training, report writing, research, and administrative training as well.

Court Clerk Colleges and Universities:

Court Clerk Wages and Salaries:

Court clerk salary varies from $22,821 to $47,108 per annum. The median expected salary of a court clerk in the United States is $38,966. Apart from salary, you will be entitled to several benefits including Deferred Compensation Plan, basic health insurance, 24 days of personal leave in a year, Public Employee Retirement System (PERS), and 12 paid holidays among others.

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