Costume Designer Education Requirement

Costume designers are those professionals who are required to design costumes and accessories for use in films, television, theatre, advertisements etc. These professionals are required to work on the instructions of the director and producer of the film or television and are required to be creative in order to produce appealing costumes for the required purpose. Every costume designer has to work as per a given budget consideration and showcase their creativity within that given budget figure. There are certain educational and other requirements which a person needs to fulfil so as to become a costume designer.

Apart from the education imparted to a costume designer aspirant, he/she also requires to have the knowledge about production and manufacturing. They must be equipped with the knowledge of all the equipments and materials along with the skills and talents to pursue their passion for costume designing.

Costume designer education requirement:

The following educational requirements must be fulfilled by a costume designer aspirant:

  • He/she must be a high school pass out from a recognised school in order to proceed onto becoming a costume designer.
  • A bachelor’s degree in fashion designing or accessory designing is a must for anyone who is interested in this profession.
  • Employers look for those candidates who have done a diploma or certificate course in textile designing, accessory designing or who are possessed with a knowledge of fashion trends etc.
    • A high school diploma

Costume designer degrees, courses and certificates:

  • Bachelor’s degree in fashion or costume designing from an accredited fashion college or institute.
  • Master’s program in fashion designing, textile designing etc can be considered as a preferred choice.
  • Certificate course in fashion accessories or theatrical set design etc could be the additional courses which can be taken up by costume designer aspirants.

Costume designer qualifications and training:

A costume designer must be a skilled professional with a thorough knowledge of textiles, materials, equipments, fabrics etc. These aspects can be understood better by taking up training programs under fashion or costume designers in the early stages of the job or during internship period. The training could last for 2-6 months.

Costume designer colleges and universities:

Costume designer wages and salaries:

This field has seen rapid growth and is ever increasing its speed in terms of the fabrics used, fashion trends and technology applied. On an average the median salary is somewhere around $50000 for an established costume designer.

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