Cost of Bachelor’s Degree around the World (Infographic)

A Bachelor’s degree improves the earning capacity of a man by a great extent. Studies reveal some interesting things that are worthy enough to be noted. A guy with a Bachelor’s degree can earn at least $ 1 million more than those without one in his lifetime, provided that he works full time in the age of 25-64. Making an investment in your education is a smart move with a career that is always looking for employees to advance. For example, switching from a RN to BSN in the medical field will pay out more if you have a four year degree.

Cost of higher education in the states at present is 12 times the amount it was some 30 years ago which cannot be compared to the rate of growth of medical expenses and food ranging at 7 times and 3.5 times during the same period. The graph unfolds the tuition fee charged by some of the famous institutions on an average across the globe.

While Mexico has the lowest cost of higher education in the world – less than USD 1,000 per annum, US stands on the top with the highest average tuition fee which a bit more than USD 26,000. Columbia University NY, is the most expensive place to study at with the fee ranging above $ 45,000.

George Washington University charges around $ 40,000 for a college graduation in womens studies that stands top in the list of high expensive courses for which finding a job is damn difficult.

Cost of Bachelor’s Degree around the World

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Cost of Bachelor’s Degree around the World
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