Cost Engineer Education Requirements

Cost engineers are also known as cost estimators. They collect and evaluate data for determining resources required for creating a product and for completing a project in the most profitable and efficient way. Resources are likely to include money, labor, time, equipment and services. These professionals usually work in industries in the construction, manufacturing and production sectors. Other spheres include civil engineering repairing and maintenance. Cost engineers usually work in an office, though they may be required to travel to the factory or construction site.

Cost Engineer Education Requirements

  • An industry endorsed major in engineering like mechanical, industrial or electrical is a desired degree. Here the candidate would learn about industry specific engineering processes, raw materials and equipment as also the ability to study project blueprints.
  • Professional certification is mostly voluntary though several employers want to hire people who are certified cost engineers.

Cost Engineer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Following are some degrees and certifications required for a cost engineer:

  • Bachelor of science
  • Bachelor of engineering
  • MBA finance
  • Diploma in cost and works accounting
  • Diploma in project management and estimation

Cost Engineer Qualifications and Training

Cost engineers are required to have hands-on experience related to their specific industry so as to qualify for the job. Cooperative education programs and industry internships are the best way to get the desired exposure. Cost engineers can also work on part time basis in other positions inside the industry. These include entry-level manufacturing or construction jobs. During the on-job training, candidates would learn about critical thinking and time management skills, time management abilities and attention to details.

Cost Engineer Colleges and Universities

Cost Engineer Wages and Salary

A cost engineer can expect to earn an average annual remuneration of $65,000 that increases with experience. Good performers can become the director of the costing department.

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