Corporate Lawyer Education Requirements

A corporate lawyer education is an extensive and gruelling period of formal education, which provides the necessary legal and business acumen which a corporate lawyer requires. He must, at least, be a graduate in law, so that a firm base is created on which he can build in the form of licensures and certifications. Common subjects which are mandatory for prospective lawyers include majors in Economics, Philosophy and Finance apart from Law itself. Following the undergraduate education, an aspiring corporate lawyer must choose corporate law as his specialisation.

Apart from formal education, a corporate lawyer needs to undergo rigorous selection processes set by various governmental policy making bodies. The selection examinations to the study of corporate law are also extremely difficult. He must be trained in a number of aspects of the profession, which must either be made a part of the graduate degree or be obtained from elsewhere like professional legal training institutions.

Corporate Lawyer Education Requirements:

  • A corporate lawyer must have passed high school with excellent marks, as this provides an insight into his knowledge in general and ability to grasp concepts. He must then obtain a graduate degree in a relevant field and must be familiar with areas like macro and micro economics, business law and economics in order to prepare himself for succeeding in their chosen profession of corporate law.
  • An aspiring lawyer must then enter into the study of law after cracking the necessary entrance examinations like LSAT. They must then move on to acquiring their corporate law degree.
  • A number of licensures must then be obtained in order to certify his skill and knowledge in the field and to enable him to practise corporate law with companies.

Corporate Lawyer Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A corporate lawyer must possess the following degrees and certifications in order to be allowed to practise:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business law
  • Degree of Juris Doctor in Law  [J.D]
  • Certification from the ABA or American Bar Association
  • Master of Law [optional]

Corporate Lawyer Education Qualifications and Training:

A corporate lawyer must be trained to understand the nuances of white collar crimes, penalties, business rules and regulations and corporate ethics. This can come about through extensive work experience, mock trials in degree colleges, internships and so on.

Corporate Lawyer Education Colleges and Universities:

Corporate Lawyer Education Wages and Salaries:

A corporate lawyer can earn anything between 60,000USD to 140,000USD per annum depending on his status [whether interne or practising on his own], companies associated with, and governmental caps set on wages, and his own skill.

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