Corporate Attorney Education Requirements

Corporate attorney possess expertise in business law field and all the associated conception. Their job is to defend their respective clients and help them to be proved innocent by law. They are employed by governmental agencies, companies or other organizations to provide them legal consultancy services.

They are regulated with number of learning and licensure necessities before becoming a valid corporate attorney.

Corporate Attorney Education Requirements:

  • The candidates who want to take up corporate law as their career option must have high school diploma preferably with commerce as the major subjects.
  • These candidates can then optionally opt for an associate or bachelor’s degrees emphasizing on business practices with main focus on business law otherwise there is no legal requirement they can choose any subject to graduate in bachelors.
  • Additionally, certain courses during the undergraduate stage are suggested, such as English, foreign languages, government, history, economics and accounting to benefit them in the future.
  • Prior to getting into law school, candidates must take and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). There are number of LSAT preparation courses available.
  • After getting admission into the law school in the first half of the program the study focuses on the general aspect of law and in the second half they have an option to specialize in corporate law by choosing the related electives.
  • The candidates after the completion of the 3 year program of the law school are required to pass the Bar exam and secure a license for practice.
  • They can further pursue advance studies in the field of corporate law to enrich their knowledge which helps them to practice their profession in an efficient manner.
  • These candidates must possess excellent communication skills both written and oral and should possess an interpersonal ability as they are required to deal and interact with clients.

Corporate Attorney Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • The candidates, who want to pursue their professional career in the loan industry as a mortgage loan officer, must consider following degrees and certifications
  • High school diploma or an equivalent degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Degree of Juris Doctor from a law school accredited American Bar Association.
  • Certified courses in accounts, economics or other beneficial subjects
  • Certification of the American Bar Association
  • Masters of law is optional.

Corporate Attorney Qualification and Training:

Along with the formal education in the field of law, a candidate must also attend practical training programs to learn the professional ethics and skills required to become a successful corporate lawyer. These training programs focus on imparting necessary practical skills and knowledge.

Corporate Attorney Specialist Colleges and Universities:

Corporate Attorney Wages and Salaries:

As corporate attorney specialist, the candidates can make up to $60,000 – $1, 40,000 varying according to their own skills, experience and dedication.

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