Construction Site Engineer Education and Job Requirements

Construction Site Engineer Requirements

A construction site engineer has crucial on-site responsibilities that encompass a proper study of the site, the drawing sheets of the construction plan, marking the specifications and a host of other tasks. He/she applies the civil engineering technical knowhow He/she has the prime responsibility to check for the standard of the engineering equipments and other working tools on a regular basis, maintain them and if needed propose for their upgrading to the concerned authority. The construction site engineer also implements safety precautions on the site. The points below would reveal more about the education and job requirements for this post.

Education requirements:

  • Bachelors of technology in civil engineering with first class honors.
  • Master’s in business administration is an added advantage.
  • Certified training in statistical software packages is desirable.

Job requirements:

  • The person must be technical advisor in regards to the all the factors that come into play that decide the viability of the site for the specific construction.
  • He/she must scrutinize the plans and drawings of the site and also should focus on the safety regulations.
  • He/she should implement cost-effective ways to run the project and supervise the usage of engineering equipments and control the quality of the materials.

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