Construction Management Education Requirements

Employers are increasingly hiring construction management employees with formal and specialized knowledge in the related field of management. The learning acquired through years of schooling and training forms the crux of a construction manager’s work. A high school degree in science or engineering is what most employers demand for this purpose. Once these degrees are obtained, the prospective candidates are put through a rigorous training program which is another important aspect of the employment plan.

A number of colleges and universities have started this course as master degree.  Side by side, many private institutions have sprung up that offer educational and training courses in construction management. These courses are made necessary by the nature of work demands in this field such as sketching plans, recruiting labourers, approving designs and allocating budget.

Construction Management Education Requirements

  • The plaintiff sending out application forms for this post must remember that he has to be a high school graduate as employers have set that as a benchmark for this job.
  • He must also ensure that he has a valid and authorised graduation certificate from a registered college or university.
  • Alternatively, he may also apply if he has done an associative equivalent course in construction management.

Construction Management Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The degrees and certifications underlying the success of a construction manager are given in the following:

  • Bachelors in Construction Management or Construction Science
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering or Building Science
  • Associate course in Construction Studies
  • Certificate course in Architectural Planning

Construction Management Qualifications and Training

The most important qualification is encoded in the educational success and achievements of the candidate. But an internship or short training course is highly important along with the educational qualifications. Construction management training is popularly known as Construction Manager in Training (CMIT) Program which largely helps prospective construction mangers to gain technical knowledge and improve their career prospects through self-assessment and self-studies.

Construction Management Colleges and Universities

Construction Management Wages and Salary

The average salary of a construction manager is $90,000 to $1, 00, 000 per month depending on the organization, experience level and type of work of the construction manager.

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